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oaxaca online travel guide

There are many, many travel guides and blogs online. In an effort to create something different, I decided to approach the project as a small, curated online publication rather than a large content library.

Targeted at affluent professionals, the site shows visitors a small and tasteful selection of unique places and experiences to be found in Oaxaca.

Desktop view of Oaxaca website

Oaxaca’s rich culture results in a particularly sensuous experience. Just for context, in 1990 Italo Calvino published a short story that used Oaxaca as the setting for a rekindling between a stagnant married couple—it’s that kind of place.

With this in mind, I decided to organize the site using the five senses as distinct content categories.

The resulting design strikes a balance between boldness and elegance. The large serif type shows a little bit of character; the colours convey the warmth of Oaxaca and its terracotta constructions; finally, unexpected interactions engage visitors in unique ways, nurturing in them a curious approach to travel and culture.

Here's a peek into the design system—